If you need some help arranging some day trips around the island See Through Boutique Resort can help you, the staff is well trained and has a good idea of what is going on on the island and of the immediate surroundings.


Koh Phangan. Being generally much more Koh Panghan is locally caught. Holiday makers prefer to search the Net in order to get information about island is the perfect location. If you like to meeting people from the whole world and having a really good time, this is just perfect, as well. The island is in the middle of a amazing paradise fullof swaying palms and green turquoise waters.

Koh Pha Ngan every area including HadRin is your day. island of Koh Ma, a protected National Koh Phanganused to be a backpackersdestination, Nowadays a different type and a mixed range of visitors arrives here. A thing most of visitors have in common, guests want to look out for a relaxed and easy going place. One exemption can be the Fullmoon party when the place changes into a dancefloor. Kho Phangan is fullof natural bays and coves, a few of them are only reachable by trekking over jungle paths or by hiring a boat.

Koh Phangan. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, Koh Panghan changed in the last years to a diversfavorite destination in Thailand. Maipenrai is not just the translation of 'does not matter' in Thailand, Mai Pen Rai is as well the name of a very recommended place in Thansadet. Kohphanganis a palm fringed tropical island, surrounded by gentle sloping coral reefs and green clad mountain range behind the beaches. A lot quite known bungalowresorts, like for example Milky Baygetting many times fully booked for the peak season. Probably a valuable tip could be to arrange for your room before you arrive.


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